“Unity is strength”

Om Seva Kendra is conducting many camps to unite people and to strengthen the society through some kind of contribution and service.

Blood Donation Camps : “Donate blood, save life”

Conducting blood donation camps by providing more and more units of blood to Blood bank. Conducting discourses on the use of blood donation. Motivating the mass to donate blood and save patient’s life.

Eye Donation Camp :
“Useless to dead and Priceless to blind”

Human body is a waste after the death. When the person dies, if ‘his or her’ eyes can give vision to other two human being, then why to burn / burry them?

Conducting awareness program, educating and motivating the mass to take decision and oath to donate their eyes.

Organ Donation Camps:
“Live life, even after leaving life“

Many of our organs can live even after our death. It is of no use for the dead person and a life for a needy patient.

Do not burn / burry your organs, donate and give a life to the needy. Om Seva Kendra is conducting awareness program for the same to motivate the people towards this cause.

Book Donation Camps :
“The only asset one can’t steal is Knowledge“

Many poor students are in need of books to learn and gain knowledge in many rural areas.

Om Seva Kendra will collect / purchase selected books and stationeries, distributes the same to the needy. Many times we will take care of the whole / part of the education of some targeted students whose parents are unable to manage the expenditure of education.

“Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavanthu”